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Featured Story: Charlie Moreno

Featured Story: Pogie Moreno

Featured Story: Chris Cotinola

Featured Story: Reynette Cotinola

Featured Story: Larry Vasquez

Featured Story: Richard Ramirez

Featured Story: Norma Ramirez

Mothers of Murdered Children

S01 - E02

“Mother’s of Murdered Children” features the tragic stories of Christopher Cotinola, Manny Moreno and Jonathan Vasquez whose lives were cut short by senseless murders. In this episode, you will hear the true life stories of mothers as they share with us the moment that changed their lives forever and how through the power of Christ were able to overcome.

Three Murdered Victims

  • Manny Moreno (Parents: Charlie & Pogie Moreno) – Murdered at the age of
  • Christopher Cotinola (Parents: Chris & Reynette) – Murdered at the age of 20
  • Jonathan Vasquez (Parents: Norma & Richard Ramirez, Larry Vasquez) – Murdered at the age of 23


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