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Featured Story: Art Blajos

Caged Freedom

S01 - E01

Art is an Ex-Mexican Mafia Hitman who was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. He grew up never really knowing his parents, which led him to gravitate towards violence and gangs. It was herewhere Art found his identity, quickly became the leader of a gang, and eventually ended up in prison. A DEA agent described him as, “an assassin and a hunter of men.” For years he was trapped in a lifestyle that was only escapable by death… the motto was, ‘blood in, blood out.’ In this episode, you’ll witness his radical transformation and how he went from being a messenger of death and destruction to a messenger of life and of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. His transformation has amazed thousands.


  • Ryan Kuklinski (Art Blajos)
  • Daniel Mejia ()
  • Lukas Pedroza (Prison Guard)


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